We provide full-range of legal services with particular emphasis (but not limited to) on the following areas of law:

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Alternate Dispute Resolution

The growth of global trade and the delay in the disposal of cases in courts under the formal judicial system in several countries made it crucial to have in place an Alternative Dispute Resolution system, particularly in commercial disputes. To secure the confidence of the international community and the growing volume of India's trade and commercial relationships with the rest of the world, the Indian Parliament enacted the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996 based on the UNCITRAL Model Law. The main object of the Arbitration Act was to enable the expeditious resolution of a commercial dispute with minimum intervention by a court of law so that trade and commerce are not affected by cumbersome and protracted litigation.

Litigation Services includes:

1. High Courts and District & Session Courts
All kind of disputes before the Courts in India.

2. Family Law
Divorce, Matrimonial Settlements, Maintenance & Custody, Criminal complaints on Domestic Violence, Dowry, Adoption of Children, Child Abuse Cases.

3.Commercial Litigation
Corporate Disputes, Debt Recovery, Injunction/ Stay matters, Winding Up Petitions, Company Law Board Petitions, Cheque Bouncing and Bank Loan Recovery matters.

4.Intellectual Property Disputes
Trademark, Copyright & Patent infringement matters, Domain name disputes, Piracy Actions, Anton Pillar Orders, Patent Infringement cases. Trade Secret theft complaints, Employee data theft issues.

5.Arbitration & Mediations
Settling tough cases with negotiations & mediation, Appointment of Arbitrators, appearing in Arbitration proceedings and tribunals, Carrying with Institutional and International Arbitration.